What the heck happened??? :D

Hey sweet peepz: Finally an update on my veggie garden!


Lately I’ve been so very busy, asleep, down, up, all over the place really that I haven’t really found the right moment to update you all on my veggie, fruits and other green stuff family! So hereby an official update.

I decided today that I finally really need to own up to the fact that I haven’t been doing that well lately and I’ve been having a real hard time playing catch up with my own life. Luckily my music, dear boyfriend, my veggie garden and of course my sweet dog and cat are pulling me through it most of the time.

I love getting my hands dirty in this little plant world and since I knew nothing about it before I seeded all of this (See here where the first seeds sprouted) my learning curve has been enormous! I’ve been giving myself a hard time as well with making everything much more complicated then necessary, but hey! Somebody needs to be Moon Spark in this life! 😀

The plant family got extended with a new (my very favourite sort of) lettuce that I seeded and also some snack lettuces that I planted so I’d have something to look at. A bunch of chives I planted as well, since the amount of chives that sprouted from the seeding is too little to plant out in the garden later. On the very right in the picture you can also see my latest and most special addition: Moroccan Mint! And it smells soooo goooood!

I’m patiently waiting for at least a week (I might have a work around as well) to finally be planting out my cucumbers! Me love the cucumbers so I’m very excited about those!

I hope you all have been more than well and I’m doing my very utmost best to keep you all posted on everything here!

Much love,

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