You’ll neeeeeeveeer playyyyy aloooooneee! (FABB-Tour Eindhoven)

And so the FABB-Tour saga continues!

Without really having time to properly enjoy my new family member Benny:


I was allowed to enjoy Tony in his repaired form! And boy was he in shape!


Off to Eindhoven which calls itself the craziest of all, I enjoyed the good weather immensely and I even tried to share that warm feeling with you all from the train ride:


In Eindhoven it was a very special day. It started out fairly normal as I looked for a good spot to play at and set up shop sort of speak. I usually start with Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby mcGee to loosen up my vocal chords. Within a few seconds of playing the song a nice lady came by and threw change in my guitar case. She then stepped a tiny bit back and stayed for the whole song. When I finished the song I smiled at her and she told me she so much loved that song, it brought back so many great memories for her! I love it when I am able to touch people in that way!

After playing for a while more, the following happened: Basically I was joined by two awesome musicians! Daniel and Thijs never really met each other either and the whole -me busking a bit- turned in to an awesome show with three guitars and at some point even two guitars and a banjo! That was awesome sauce for sure! <3

Of course me and my silly face forgot to make pictures again… Maybe we’ll all meet again and I get a do-over on the pictures!

On the way home I wanted to honour Eindhoven in it’s deserved way and bowed to the city as the train just rode up the platform to take me home again!


Eindhoven I’ll see you another day another time! I loved it!

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  1. Let me know when you come again to eindhoven and well play again ? greetings..daniel.