A late FABB-Quicky! (FABB-Tour Nijmegen)

Heya sweet peepz!


These past weeks have been utterly crazy! They’ve also been amazing and so awesome, but crazy nonetheless! Therefore I didn’t really find the time or the patience to write about it all yet and will do in these following days! In this blog of course I’ll tell you all about my busking in Nijmegen! This was a very interesting place, cause the city was already starting to light on fire for the upcoming summerfest/4-day-march-fest.

Here are some pics of my travel to get there:

2016-07-14 13.59.05

2016-07-02 19.55.41

2016-07-14 14.52.39

2016-07-14 14.58.15

2016-07-14 14.58.24

I strolled along the city with Tony tightly secured to my back and looking for a nice place to play as I ended up on a short visit with my dear friend Sher (you can find her in my Hall of Fame on this website). She lives in Nijmegen and was able to tell me about a sweet spot to go busk at. This happened to be THE SINGLE BEST SPOT SO FAR! It was actually right across an (outdoor) escalator and people could just listen to my music from about five different places! The responce was really great and I had a real blast! Bumped in to some friends and played some music with a complete stranger! The weirdest thing happened: From upstairs behind me somebody threw in at least one big coin in to my guitar case! You should have all seen my face it was hilarious! “Where the heck did that come from?!” I looked around and couldn’t see who did it, when about 20 seconds later a man with a huuuge smile on his face walks past me coming from that same direction. I bet you it was him! Hahaha! Of course I’m the kind of dumbass that always forgets to take pictures of anything at fun places like this! *sighs* I’ll get it… One day I’ll get it…

After playing at the best spot so far I decided to also play somewhere else, which in hindsight I wish I didn’t. At spot number two there was no atmosphere, no listeners and apparently the whole city was just flooded with “good-cause-salesmen” with their very aggressive ways of business. This made most people just want to flee the area and a relaxed atmosphere to listen to some music was nowhere to be found. I decided that playing there was a poor sense of judgement and I leaped over across the street where there was DINNER! Yaay I had some easy fast food, got special treatment by a very sweet girl who worked at the fast food place and I decided to go back to my original spot and asked permission by the local stores if they were okay with me playing there some more and they most certainly were!

All and all Nijmegen was a great place to busk! I love the people there, the atmosphere and of course it was also awesome to go have a few drinks at Café Dollars to run for the last train connection back home at night! What a day! What a day! What a night! What a night!

I love you Nijmegen! And I love all of you peepz too!

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  1. Heya,

    I was googling busking in Nijmegen and you came up. I’m a busker from London staying here for the weekend and hoping to go out and play a bit. Maybe you could tell me if the town is good for busking? I would really appreciate a little advice from you. The place by the escalator sounds amazing

    I hope to hear from you,

    Best wishes,

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