Luikse Marktfeesten/Musique Festival de la Batte 2016

Luikse Markt Wahwiller:

After Mr. Murphy visited me for a couple of weeks and left only havoc I had to act fast: ‘Tony Tunemachine Taylor’s pickup system died on me and of course this happens right before this one gig I really needed the pickup. From crying cause Tony wasn’t well to desperately trying to find a guitar with a working pick up that I could use even if it was only for one week. Once again my lifeboat came from Dollars Nijmegen and I was able to lend a guitar from them! This is when I met Tristan Tanglewood (that’s what I called him anyway). Tristan could use some TLC and I gave it to him and in return Tristan saved my gig at the Luikse Markt in Wahlwiller where we both performed our big butts off! 😀

This year’s gig at the Luikse Markt/Musique Festival de la Batte I decided to dress up some more than usual; I put on a very neat dress and my name wouldn’t be Moon Spark if I didn’t smudge my BB crème over it within 5 minutes of wearing it, hahaha! Luckily my hair and guitar strap both were right in front of the stain so I could feel a tiny bit less embarrassed!


I also tried to make my mum a happy camper and we performed a song together. Chasing Cars from Snow Patrol; Kudos to my mum, ’cause we went round and did it the hard way which was definitely a challenge for both of us!



I can’t stress enough that I had such a great time at the Luikse Markt/Musique Festival de la Batte. It all went by waaaay to fast! I loved Tristan being there with me, but for sure I hope next year I’ll be playing with Tony Tunemachine Taylor again and I also hope we’ll be rocking out even more then I already did this year!


Thank you everybody that was there and everybody that helped me out in times of need!

Thanks for having me and thanks for being awesome!

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