What a Rush!!! (capital R Rush!!! FABB-Summertour kick off Amersfoort)


I just came home after an amazing day and evening! I almost felt sick as a dog I was so nervous!And then of course what happened to me at home; My life happened to me! From unannounced work on the watering pipes in our garden, a real gass leakage in the house to wrecking my most favourite peace of clothing and having an overall emotion called despair, I just had to suck it up and go do it! I’m so glad I did!

I first had to drop by City Hall to get all the legal documents in order. It took a little while before I was up, but it was totally worth it! I’m officially a street-musician in Amersfoort now!


The hardest of it all was that moment were I went downtown, had to pick a spot and stop, take my stuff out and start to play. Feels like doing a flashmob, alone, by yourself! Hahaha! That is also probably the reason why I completely forgot to make any more pictures of where I was and what I was doing from there.

Once that moment was over I was actually enjoying myself a lot! Considering I was playing around dinner time on late-night-shopping-day-of-the-week there were a lot of people watching! I met some great people, little people, musicians, artists! I also had the pleasure of accompanying an awesome singer and boy oh boy oh boy, did she have a throat! Wow! You can find the video of us RIGHT HERE and a picture for the impression is below:


All and all this was an absolutely gorgeous start of my FABB-TOUR I couldn’t have wanted anything better!

To close off an amazing day I finally had the chance to see an old friend of mine which I hadn’t seen in the flesh for ages! That was so much fun!

Feeling very statisfied and also completely drained doesn’t even start to describe what I’m feeling right now! I think I’m now officially closing off my computer and start crawling towards my bed to get some (well earned if I may say so myself) ZZZZ’s

With Much Love,

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