Oh what fun it is to ride the train for busking on the streets! :D (FABB-tour Ede)


Hello sweet peepz! I’m writing this to you all while my town is covered in nasty thunderstorms and the air is finally cooling off just a little bit.

Today was the second day of my ‘Feeling a bit Busky – summer tour’ and this time it took me to Ede! While being not that super far from home I enjoyed a nice train ride anyhow! Today I really tried to make more pictures (I’m usually the idiot that forgets to take pictures when she should)! While taking pictures during the busking is fairly hard, you will all have to do with a selfie, haha!


The weather forecast looked really bad and I even took my raincoat with me in case I’d have to flee for my life 😀 The weather turned out to be much better and way more hot and humid too. It’s like my friend Sher Careman (you can find her RIGHT HERE) said: “Satan called; he wants his weather back!” Too funny! 😀 I definitely have a good sunburn and probably a mild sunstroke to take home with me as a souvenir, haha! It wasn’t easy to jam away in those conditions


The people in the streets and from the stores were really sweet and encouraging! Somebody even brought me a nice cold smoothie made out of pineapple and mango out of nowhere! Not only the sun was warm, but busking in Ede left a warm feeling for sure!


Next week is going to happen in Harderwijk! I definitely hope the weather conditions will be a little more comfortable than this week’s. See you next week peepz!!!


Much Love,

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